Hello friends, I am glad to finally get around to starting my little blog, I hope this will be a place where I can share my life as a maker, delight you with inspiration and charm you with a few surprises.  For now I am planning for a monthly post , and hopefully as I get the hang of this blog game while running a handmade business, a weekly blog date with you would be amazing ^_^

This week I wanted to share a bit of my world, of my small yet very functional studio.  This 210 sf space was built for me by my loving husband almost 2 years ago; it is my little universe, the special place where I create each piece of pottery .

My studio sits just a few feet behind our home, making it a very, very short commute indeed.

Although it boasts much more space than my previous pottery studio (a tiny closet in my spare bedroom) , I still find myself running out of space, so the stairs to my studio often become cluttered with pieces in the making.

I assure you that although pictures can depict a zen and organized place, my studio is often filled with clay splatter and bits, dirty paint brushes, trays, sketch notes and order slips ...oh and many water bottles and paper towels too. I am sure this is true with most artists and makers, creating is an exciting process in which tidiness is not the norm.

Are you a creative soul?, a kitchen or garden whiz?, I'd love to hear about your passion, your happy place and how you keep it all in order.

Until next time,

XoXo, Meli

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